Do you have a Church Website?

There are lot of advantages of having a website for your church. The existing church members could check the website for the latest news and events through the church websites, at the same time for a guest member who search for a good church around him should get some good story about your church which drags him towards the church. When someone visit the town does the same what most people would do and just googled area churches, and when google gives the search result some should select your church website from the content your show to them.

Few things to consider for Church Website 

Chose a good website template

Today the church building is not a big deal how big or fancy, but if you could impress through your website about the spiritual service you provide through church definitely people will make a choice to visit. Website design templates are changing drastically, and we have to develop our site according to the latest trends. The home page should have a presentable look and feel with user friendly navigations. And we have to ensure all the menu buttons and its corresponding pages are synchronized properly. Everyone visit the church website should feel they are treated well through the welcome message in the front page. A new visitor should get a comfort feeling of love, care and peace while going through the entire website.

Church Mission

Even though all church worships the same living God, each denomination and ministries may have different perspective about their mission. So, it is very essential to specify the mission, vision and values of your church in the website. Ultimately, the prime mission of each and every church should be spreading the gospel throughout the world. Another thing, most of the people want to know fundamental doctrine of every church, hence it will be a good idea to articulate the same in the website to help the visitors to understand that basic church doctrines.

Financial Transparency

Donations and offerings by individuals should able to trace at any point of time through online facility. When a member login to the site, member should able to see all financial transactions committed to the church and other departments. Using the advanced online payment portal, a facility can be introduced to make donations online, this will minimize manual process at both ends.

History of the Church

Bible is referred as a historical book too, so it will be always good to keep track of the events and schedules of the church which makes a wonderful history about the church for the up coming generations. In the website you can explain how the church began and the milestones along the way, the key personalities supported in the church growth etc. These historical facts will be very useful in the future and helps to build relationship with new people.

Meet the Pastor and Staff

A page can be introduced to describe all governing board member details including the pastor family. Mostly pastor is the person who communicates on behalf of the church, so features of having a welcome video of the pastor as well as sample sermons will be good. This will give the new visitors an idea of what the message will be like.

Review And comments

Today most of the churches are running in a traditional way. The church sermons and activities continue as a routine without any changes periodically.If you can provide a page for the members and new visitors that will help to prepare them by sharing the experience they had in the church each time, like the length of service, atmosphere of meeting, types of music, information about the kids program, etc.  In this way you can improve your church activities to praise and worship God in one account.

Church Service Times and Directions

Most churches listed their service times somewhere on their website, but will easy to find by having it in the front page itself. Otherwise finding basic information will more frustrating.Providing a google map location will be a great help for a new visitor to locate the church without any confusions in the route.

Programs and Schedules

People are always interested to know the upcoming events and schedules of the extra church activities. Parents with kids are interested in what programs are available for their children. Youngers will be looking for opportunity to have more fun and interactive sessions. Elders will be looking for more opportunities for biblical learning and their spiritual needs.So there should be a clear program chart for the upcoming events and schedules in the website.

Sermons and Bible notes

People like to hear sermons which gives motivation in their daily lives, so having selected links to podcasts or videos of weekly messages in the website is essential. Similarly, people will be interested to learn and meditate bible verses daily, so having a blog in your website for daily motivation will be good idea.

Individual Testimonies

The primary responsibility of a local church to transform lives, bible provides proper guidance for the same. So, if the website could give an interface for the individuals to write their testimony, that will be a heartwarming experience for the other members.