Church Can Ensure Online Presence

Today studies say we have more than 30,000 to 40,000 Christian denominations exists all over the world, which includes traditional churches to new generation churches. Even though everyone worships the same living God, the difference comes in belief system and doctrines. In this situation its quite normal that people leave one church denomination and join in some other, where they find suitable environment for them. Another reason for leaving from a church could be job relocation, high studies, migrating to a new town or country etc…

In this most modern world with advanced technologies, if the leadership can provide alternative online solutions people will stick on in their mother church with nostalgic feelings where they born and brought up. If the church leaders can take the below points positively any church can enhance the spiritual development their members to retain their spiritual and social commitments.

Today in many of the churches the attrition rate will be more than 15-30% especially in developed cities. And this can be minimized by giving online solutions and better spiritual backups. Here parishtome provides easy solutions to address these two areas.Today most of the churches developed their own website to ensure the presence in online, but non-proficiency, lack of knowledge, improper maintenance and support are the key factors preventing success in that area. If your church/ministry does not have a website, or finding difficult to maintain it, parishtome has affordable solutions to develop and upgrade your website that looks professional.

Having a professional and updated website is a critical first step, and there are other solutions to expose your church completely online where parishtome can give high tech support to accomplish that task. Most of the people now approach internet to find out information and solutions for almost everything, so it is very important and high time to have a social media strategy where you can provide online support for their spiritual needs and soul support on behalf of your church.

1. Switch to an Automated Church Administration Software

There are web-based solutions for anything and everything today, but still most of the churches are following manual administration procedures and accounts in their churches which is time consuming and stressful task. Even though there are lot of online web applications are available, parishtome is a unique in its features and provides complete web-based solution for the entire church administration needs.

This includes Family Register, Membership Management, Birthday & Anniversary Alerts, Contributions and Giving, Expenses and Vouchers, Event Management, Asset Management, Budgets Management, Auction Management, Attendance Tracking, Email and Messages, A-Form and Voter's List, Monthly dues and many more ...

Manual process of maintaining and retrieving family details, members details are tedious work especially preparing birthday and wedding anniversary list. Periodically updating personal details of family members like birth, death, marriage etc are another issue. ParishTome provides flexible solutions for maintaining and generating family details in fingertip.

2. Get Members Involved

Another issue commonly we see today in churches is, only a very few are actively involved in church activities and others are just spectators or church service attenders. So, the majority has nothing to do with the church activities, and none is bonded with one another even though we say church is the body of Christ. To bring participation in every event and to know each church family members, Parishtome is bringing a new social media platform using mobile app exclusively for the members of the same church, through which members will be getting involved automatically in all church events. Like in Facebook and Watzapp you can ask members to write reviews and comments through mobile app.

Not only that church can send alerts and messages, reminder messages of events, birthday and anniversary wishes, announcement of important and emergency messages. Similarly, any church member can send their prayer request or important messages from their side to all other church members. Every member will get alerts of their contributions towards church, birthday/anniversary wishes from church and other members. Separate alerts from groups such as Sunday school, youth fellowship, women’s fellowship, choir will be intimated. Ask members can write an honest review of your church and what they like about it – will be reflected automatically in internet search results.

3. Other Social Media Platforms

Social media is so popular and unavoidable platform today because almost everyone is using it for different purposes. Not only that new social media platforms are popping up every day, so the key is to identify a few platforms that work with your church culture and make sure your presence in them. Some of the most common social platforms:

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube

There are countless ways to use Facebook to establish relationships by sharing life with each other, and this could help to know others about your church and specialties you have. If you can keep updating the church events and announcement in Facebook, it’s a good media to ensure your presence in online network. The videos that you are uploading in YouTube can be shared in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Pinterest and Instagram are using to share pictures and information. The great thing about these social media platforms is that there are plugins you can use to send posts out automatically to all of your social media platforms. If your church has the resources to create quality video for ministry and gospel services, set up a channel and share sermons, testimonies or kids program. And ask members to share these posts and to write a reviews.

Google Places

Google is the king of the internet, making it important to feed Google information that anyone would like to rank for in the search engines to display. Internet became a helping tool when someone is looking for a new church in Google for local churches in X city/town when they go out stations, and which help the churches to recruit new members. This search will show your church name and details to them if your church has online compatible solutions. Parishtome helping you to set up a Google place account to make sure that the information that you want to be found is there for someone who might be searching for something your church has to offer.

4. Start A Church Blog

Blogging is another way to place a strong hold in internet. You can introduce a blog page in your website and start sharing contents through articles. Blog posts are informational articles about church activities, bible studies, life experience with God, information about anything (you are reading one now) that add value to your church members and guest members. Blogging does a couple of things, first it provides your church members with a written summary of your message from bible and it also feeds the google search engines keywords that help to rank your website. Through the church’s online presence your younger generations will be happier and more enthusiastic. Invite more people, charge the existing members, buildup the next generation and a strong church.