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    Chronology of Church History

    15 Jul 9:07 am | 0 Comments
    The core faith of Christianity is that God came to earth from heaven as a human – Jesus Christ and lived, died, buried, resurrected and ascended back to heaven about 2000 years ago. The Bible is not a religious book, but a divinely inspiring historical record of God's plan of redemption for perishing world.The history of church is the study which describes how the mighty hand of God worked through different people to establish His divine plan of restoration of human from isolation into live communion with God.…
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    Church Can Ensure Online Presence

    15 Jul 9:06 am | 0 Comments
    Today studies say we have more than 30,000 to 40,000 Christian denominations exists all over the world, which includes traditional churches to new generation churches. Even though everyone worships the same living God, the difference comes in belief system and doctrines. In this situation its quite normal that people leave one church denomination and join in some other, where they find suitable environment for them.…
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    Do you have a Church Website?

    15 Jul 9:05 am | 0 Comments
    There are lot of advantages of having a website for your church. The existing church members could check the website for the latest news and events through the church websites, at the same time for a guest member who search for a good church around him should get some good story about your church which drags him towards the church. When someone visit the town does the same what most people would do and just googled area churches…
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    Is your Church ready for a mobile revolution?

    15 Jul 9:04 am | 0 Comments
    Word of God will not change but life on this earth will be changing constantly day by day. In the arena of technology also changes are rapid, especially in the communication field. We know how communication methods changed in last few decades. From a paper letters that takes days to reach the destination, to a device that can communicate instantly by seeing each other which can carry in your pocket!.…
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